Sunday, May 10, 2015

No time for the in and out, love. Just came to read the meter!

Busy, busy, busy…working on the album. But as usual, I always feel the need to add yet another project to my plate for kicks and giggles. And, well, this one would definitely supply some serious giggles. I'm talking about my epic plan to photograph a series of fake album covers for none other than Sergeant Sawtooth. Here's a sampling of what has been discussed thus far:

Rob in speedo playing synthesizers in space
Rob in 80s outfit with keytar
Rob in 80s workout gear
Rob with 2XL (romantic dinner, in bed post coital)
Rob is Live at the Co-Op - three versions of Rob (flute player, bongos, tambourine)
Psychedelic Rob - Crimson and Clover video
Rob as Bob Guccione
Rob in 70s cookbook motif (spiral cut ham, ambrosia salad, red velvet details, fondue pot)
Gothic Rob - black wig and costume
Flamboyant 18th century Rob - eating a huge leg of mutton or turkey leg
Rob jogging like Doctor Detroit in sweatsuit, headband, and radio headphones
Fifties housewife (me) and Gimp (Rob)

Just let the awesomeness sink in for a moment and imagine every single one of these strokes of genius. So you see, I'm on a mission to make these photos happen. Because minds need to be blown.

Oh yeah, and I just found this incredible nightmare fuel at Nu2U. And she is now mine, all mine!!! She's a talking doll, but her voice mechanism is broken. I'll need to see if there is any way to make her talk. You know, cause I'd like to hear what satan sounds like.

I have named her Hildegard. Hopefully she doesn't murder me in my sleep. For her lord and master, satan.

I hope she makes friends with my other creepy brethren.

Opening quote: A Clockwork Orange