Friday, August 21, 2015

Medium is really only for suckers who don't know the concept of value.

Another summer is almost over.  We had quite a few scorching hot days, some strangely cold and stormy days, and some really bad smokey-aired, burning lung days. Gotta love fire season! We had a thoroughly cold and soggy Bite of Bozeman and the second day of the Sweet Pea Festival felt like a cruel joke as we had nothing but on and off cold rain and wind. Awful. So I didn't get to take as many dance performance photos this year as I'd had hoped. I'm still editing some of them, but here is the gallery thus far:

The only three groups I could capture this year were Amy Seiwert's Imagery, Main Street Dance Theatre, and The Dance Center (the TDC photos are still to come).  All were fabulous and it's always such a treat to be able to see so much awesome dance in one weekend. There were other fantastic groups on the roster, but many were cancelled on Saturday due to the stupid weather.  Here's Rob and I struggling to contain our epic pouty faces as we hide from the rain.

On Sunday, the rain cleared and I had the opportunity to perform in this year's Sweet Pea, my first time on the Cypress Stage, yay! I had the opportunity last year, but my stupid calf muscle injury had me sidelined. This year, I was able to perform twice. The first was a little ballet number I choreographed to Anyone Who Knows What Love Is by Irma Thomas. I first heard the song in an episode of Black Mirror (can't recommend that show enough!) and fell in love. I was joined on stage by the beautiful and talented dancers Lottie Rhyner and Stevie Peterson. Oh, fun fact, always check for sneaky hooks and eyes on your costumes, folks! My dress kept hooking onto the back of my hair throughout the dance. Curses!

The second dance was choreographed by Stevie Peterson, who always whips up super fun choreography. This is to Belleville Rendezvous. That's Stevie, Lottie, and I, bopping and a-smiling.

So this entire summer has been lots and lots of dance rehearsals. Thankfully, I've remained injury free so far. Yay!  Now I'm knocking on wood like a woodpecker with ADD as the annual IndepenDance performance is coming up on Saturday, September 12. I'll be performing in three pieces this year. One is a flashy jazzy number choreographed by Jennifer Waters. The second is a fast and fluid contemporary piece by Stevie. And the third is my own contemporary piece called Pristine. Because I'm a weirdo and obsessed with seven minute dances, it's another seven minute long workout set to my own techno infused music with sleek black costumes. It's inspired by this incredible film…my favorite sci-fi movie ever.

Here's my original music that accompanies the dance:

In other news, we had an awesomely fun time with our super fabulous friend Sarah for three days in Missoula! The original intent for our trip was to attend an event, but due to many unexpected and uncomfortable factors, we ended up haunting downtown Missoula instead!

Sarah, Rob and Nina take Missoula!!!

Brunchy awesomeness!

giant chai during brunch at Catalyst

strolling in style in our pagoda parasols

riding the ponies at the Missoula Carousel

 A Moment's Repose: viewing art and confinement at the Old Prison Museum in Deer Lodge

Here, let's look at something ridiculous!
Hahaha! We're such weirdos!

In costuming news, I finally got around to doing something with this red prom dress I bought at the local thrift store for, I think, ten bucks.

totally prom dress needs a totally new look

It basically sat in a bin for two years. I initially wanted to turn it into a Victorian gown by combining it with another sleeved gown, but it just wouldn't come together in my head. With an upcoming live performance in my midst (the aforementioned festival), I decided to take this puppy out again and see what I could do with it. I had created and worn another red and black gown for a previous live show and considered wearing it again (see below), but I I really wanted to do something new.

I still love you, my pretty! I'll wear you again, I promise!

I cut the prom dress just below the waistline so I had a separate top and a skirt. Then I cut the skirt up the middle and stitched the edges. Since I'm obsessed with the 18th century silhouette, I knew I wanted to poof out the hips with some tulle, so I started there. Then, after finagling with it on my dress form, I decided to go with a bustier style top and a skirt that could be removed to reveal a hidden black mini underskirt. After many hours of stitching on fancy trims and bows, I ended up with the final design. I also made some flouncy arm attachments (not pictured) that could be removed during my performance.

So there you have it, what a summer, huh? I guess this regular blogging thing isn't as easy as I thought. Next post I hope to have some new photos to share and some more dance updates!

Opening Quote: Ghost World (2001)